Our toddlers are divided into 2 groups:

Bear Cubs, who are 2 years old with a ratio of 6 to 1, and

Monkeys, who are 3 years old with a ratio of 7 to 1.

Each group has their own classroom for activities, circle times, lunch and snacks and messy projects.

During naptime, they are in the Monkey area and we use the Bear Cub classroom for the “Awake Room”.

All toddlers enjoy extra activities such as chapel, music, sign language, Happy Feet, and special events.

Monkeys participate in our tooth-brushing program and are allowed to go on occasional Field Trips.

Toilet training is usually initiated during the toddler years. When the child shows signs of readiness, we work very closely with the parents to establish a consistency that is necessary in the toileting process.

As with all our classes, parents are welcome and encouraged to participate as much as they like in our program.