“Thank you for all of your hard work and care for all the kids at the Ark. You are a blessing to so many families!”     Jenny K. and George M.

“I am forever blessed and grateful for the care and love that Isaac gets from the Ark, and I know that would not be possible without you! Thank you for going above and beyond in helping Isaac to be well adjusted and successful there. You are a God send, and you have an impact on so many lives. You are such a blessing.”       Angela C.

“It has been wonderful knowing you and your school! We are very thankful to all Ark teachers as they have helped in Anay’s development! We are a big fan of the school and really like all the teachers and staff. They all are fantastic, loving and caring. Anay will sorely miss his first school. thank you for being part of our extended family.”       Mehul M.

“He loves his class, teachers, friends and everyone at the Ark. You all have been fantastic in providing great care and nurturing his growth. We have always had high regard of Ark and believe its on of the best day cares in the area. Thank you for everything and being extended part of our lives.”     Komal M.

“We were so fortunate to have Margo attend the Ark, where she was loved and well taken care of. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into the Ark. It would not have been so successful without you!”      Lisa and Greg E.

“Congratulations on your 20th anniversary with the Ark daycare! As a working parent, I always appreciated the Ark, all the teachers and staff who cared so lovingly for my children. I never doubted or wondered about their care or safety. Thank you for your leadership and commitment to the Ark all these years.”       Kristin

“I have so many wonderful memories of the Ark! Thank you for providing me with the best preschool education possible!”      Alisha (attended the Ark)

“I will carry memories from the Ark throughout my whole life.”     Tayla (attended the Ark)

“Jan, Twenty years is a huge milestone! You have had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds and hundreds of children and parents. Thank you for all you do in providing loving and caring foundations for children.”      Pete

“Thank you for a wonderful year for our son, Jake! He has grown so much and that is all because of your wonderful teachers. Everyone at The Ark is so supportive and caring. We are grateful for the time we were able to spend with Ms. Solange. She has been such a part of his growth. She has been there to help him, encourage him, and love him. Although it will be hard to say goodbye, we count our blessings for this amazing experience. The Ark has been such a great place for Jake and our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”        Cherie M.

“Thank you for everything the “Ark” has done to make Christian who he is now.” Abyot S. “Thank you so much for educating and caring for Ethan over the past three years. We have you to thank for such a fine boy he’s turning out to be. We will all miss the Ark very much.”     Jeff and Linda K.

“We have never seen or experienced care more caring, more kind, more sincere and more wonderful than what you and your teachers were able to give us. We had to change our day care many times (unfortunately for us) and nothing has come close to comparing.   Faye and Solange, and all other teachers were able to give my child an atmosphere of love and support and so she flourished.    I envy parents that can bring children into your care.  I have seen nobody else accomplish what you and your teachers have accomplished, nobody could provide so much love and support for children, nobody could be so child-centered and no other teaching staff was able to fill up classrooms with so much “presence” and confidence.”       Olga S.